CapitalOne Card Login -

Capital One Card Login-

Hi, so you'd like to login to your Capital One account. You'd begin by going to any browser type in and once you've done that, you'll arrive at the CapitalOne homepage.

You'll look here, you'll see a sign in box now. If you're not familiar with what CapitalOne is, it's a credit card company and they offer a broad variation of credit cards and credit lines, they also offer banking and loan services and some other financial services and products, and they offer to individuals small businesses and commercial clients.

Now, if you have already already, acquired a credit card with CapitalOne. You will or any kind of loan actually, you'll go to the drop-down box and choose what you want to do. You want to work with credit cards, banking, auto, loans, online investing, home loans, more products whatever, you would like to do. You can select that and once you put in your username and your password, and sign in, it will take you to that area. So, put in your username, password if you have forgotten your password, click the password link at the bottom in the sign-in box and you just to reset your password. You just simply put in your username. The last four digits of your social security number, click continue and the system will prompt you through to the point that you can reset your password. 

So now, if you haven't yet applied for any of the services and you'd like to apply for a credit card to get started, you can see, if you're pre-qualified, just click that link and it'll bring you to a CAD a small application and you'll just provide them with your first name, middle initial, last name, street address, city, state, zip code, date of birth, social security number and then you'll choose what card you feel would benefit or be most important to you and, if you're not sure, just click the not sure yet bubble and how do you rate your credit excellent average rebuilding, just click whichever is appropriate you know or believe it to be and now you must be 18 years of age, to be matched with a credit card offer. But, you have to be 21 to qualify for the 60 second approval. so, if you understand that just click that and then you'll be able to proceed. You would click, see your card offers, it'll present you with a list of different cards that you could be eligible for you would select apply and once you have done that, you're set up online and so, you would go back to the sign-in page, select in this case credit cards, put in your username, your password. If you'd like the system to remember your username, it won't remember your password but it will remember your username. So, you don't have to type that in every time, just click remember me and sign-in and you will arrive at your account page and that's how you log in to CapitalOne.